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Fortnite season 11: The End start time, new map and everything else we know – CNET

Fortnite Visitor

The Visitor is about to end another Fortnite season. 

Epic Games

After a week’s delay, Fortnite season 10 will come to an end on Oct. 13. A season-ending event, called simply “The End,” will put to bed one of the most controversial 10 weeks for the battle royale game. 

Since season 3, developer Epic Games has been concluding the seasons with some big finale that will transition into the next season. Some events made alterations to only parts of the map, but if the leaks are correct, Fortnite season 11 could see big changes coming to the island. 

Fortnite season 10 countdown

The Fortnite season 10 countdown clock above Dusty Depot.

Epic Games

When does The End start?

The End will start on Sunday, Oct. 13 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, according to the in-game countdown clock that showed up above Dusty Depot on Saturday. Gamespot Brazil first reported the day as it will coincide with Brazil Games Show. 

As for the start for Fortnite season 11, in previous seasons, the new season wouldn’t start until the following Thursday after the event, which would be Oct. 17 in this instance. However, since having the event on a Sunday is a first for Epic, there also may be a possibility that the new season will start right after the event. 

What will happen during the event? 

Fortnite season 9 ended with a battle between a giant mech and the Polar Peak monster, but it was what followed the fight that caused the events of season 10. A singularity at Loot Lake caused a time warp that returned the island to what it was at the end of season 3, literally moments before a meteor would destroy Dusty Depot. The Visitor, who was the antagonist in season 4, was in that meteor and has since escaped to work on his plan of creating a rocket, which was the finale for that season. 

The Visitor’s rocket is complete in Dusty Depot and there have been multiple rift machines created on the island. These rifts caused various crossovers with other franchises including Borderlands and Batman. 

According to one data miner, the event will transport players to its own zone located between Dusty Depot and Loot Lake. 

Another data miner discovered an audio recording within one of the Fortnite updates that give some additional clues to the event. In the transcript of the recording, one person mentions that they’re currently stuck in a time loop on the island and that a device would need to be activated in the loop, which likely refers to the rocket or something that’s on the rocket. There’s also a reference to The Seven that was first revealed in the description for The Scientist outfit. 

There’s a theory on Reddit that the Visitor and the Scientist are two of The Seven who are now opening rifts to bring the rest of the group into the same dimension. 

What changing in season 11? 

While most seasons will change one or two areas on the map, Fortnite season 11 could potentially have a whole new map. Data miners who are keeping quiet on many of the leaks for the next season to not ruin the surprise have released a few tidbits about the eleventh season. One found several new points of interest names, which could mean the Fortnite map will go through some big changes. 

Another data miner found sounds that could be played during The End. Most notable is the siren that’s similar to the sirens heard during the rocket launch event of season 4. 

Fortnite is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and Android and iOS devices.


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